Musings of a Fox
Musings of a Fox
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What is Musings of a fox?

When you get to know me you'll notice one thing right away:

I love to talk.

I have so many ideas and opinions swimming in my head, and I can't keep them in.

Hence the musings.

Who is the fox?

That's me.

A nickname given to me by my husband in our college days.

A vixen, a fox, his renarde.

What does the fox muse about?

While makeup and fashion are two of my greatest passions, I wanted to cover more than the average Beauty Guru or Lifestyle Blogger. 

I see beauty and fashion as tools for the issues I'm most passionate about.

In my videos and articles, I present ideas for discussion on a wide range of important issues:

Body Positivity, Self-Love, and Social Change

Follow me, and let's go on this adventure together!