Pat McGrath Labs: MatteTrance - Elson & McMenamy

Live Blogging of McMenamy IRL 7/27/17

Good morning!

A little after 8 AM here in California. Technically I applied McMenamy around 7:45 this morning, in the glorious manner of "car makeup." 


8:15 AM: It's a bare minimum makeup day...

Urban Decay Self‑Adjusting Complexion Primer 

Smashbox Studio Skin Face Shaping Foundation Stick

tarte Tarteist(TM) Lash Paint Mascara

Today I decided to wear McMenamy the way I would any other lipstick. For hydration I started with IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Lip Treatment in Rose and Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone. Oh boy did that make this lipstick slippery. McMenamy cares not for what lipliner us foolish mortals use- She will color outside the lines. Definitely nervous about what this will look like after breakfast and my morning coffee. But that's what you're here for right? For me to smear everywhere so you don't have to!

11 AM: I'm impressed

I really thought this would get everywhere with eating and drinking. Granted a yogurt for breakfast is hardly the most lipstick disturbing, but I really thought my mocha would make a mess of things. But I only have the lightest of transfers onto my cup, just the slightest lip print. It's definitely come away from my inner lip, but it doesn't look terrible. I know lunch will be a different story, but so far, I'm really impressed with the wear. Most of my lipsticks would be down to a stain at this point.












No lipstick is a match for lunch

1 PM: Sooo yeah

But honestly, what non-liquid lipstick can handle a full on meal? The wear is still pretty wonderful. It never faded, it didn't crease or slip after 5 hours of wear including breakfast and a large mocha. It has been completely comfortable to the point I forgot I was wearing anything til I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I have, of course, reapplied, so I can see how it handles the next four hours without nutritional interruptions. 

End of the Day

So after 4 hours this lipstick eventually becomes like a velvety stain. I don't think Urban Decay's Ozone is quite the lipliner for this formula, but it did a lot better than nothing. It was always a comfortable wear, never really got messy, even with eating, and the color stayed vibrant all day. Just confirms how I felt after first applying this lipstick: This lipstick is a must if it fits your budget. I can't wait to try Elson on a night out!