August Ipsy Glam Bag-

August Ipsy Glam Bag-

Good...ish Vibes

Hubby and I try

Yoghurt Masks from Vitamasques


So lucky he's willing to try weird masks

Yeah... these masks never look more normal than just putting yogurt on your face. They even look like yogurt, down to little dots of color to I guess resemble fruit debris?

Hubby tried the Strawberry and it smelled absolutely divine, like mouthwatering-ly like yogurt. I rallied to get myself to try Kiwi, and it smelled much more like Limited Too's idea of Kiwi circa 2002. The Kiwi was tingly right away, while hubby just described his mask as wet and cold.

He's more used to the GlamGlow Supermud mask or Fresh's Umbrian Clay or sheet masks. Not having a real dry down was odd for him.

No Yadah

BB Cream Review Here

I'm usually super excited to test out my Ipsy Bag goodies... but the BB Cream that promised to whiten, from a company that pushes skin-bleaching products, rubbed me seriously the wrong way. I made a personal decision not to try the product. I find the idea of skin whitening, racist and disgusting. I don't want their product on my skin. 

If their product intrigues you, I'm sure there are other reviews on the web you can find. 

Promoting a brand that pushes skin-bleaching as a beauty ideal, makes me seriously question whether my ipsy subscription can continue... I guess it depends how the company responds to my questions.